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Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is my all-time favorite snack=)
It came all the way from the Philippines and yeah this is a Filipino treat. I simply 
love it=D
There are different flavors for example chocolate, cookies and cream etc. 
My favorite among all flavors would be PEANUT=D
Obviously Melamine free.hehe
I never get tired eating this cuz it's joy in every bite.yum! 


Vendaeric @ 5:07 AM

Saturday, November 22, 2008
Crazy Afternoon with My MacBook & Friends=)

This was a totally cool and crazy afternoon..We went to MA4H and had our lunch..After we full ourselves...The crazy-ness began..haha

Living The Comic-Book Life~
New Classic
Struttin' our stuff.hehe
Yo! G L A M O R O U S.haha
Aqilah Freakazoid.LOL

Vendaeric @ 11:15 PM

My MacBook!

This is my dearest laptop because it's my first laptop=) I got it last year...& I love the sound system cause it's Dolby Home Theatre.This "Acer Gemstone Edition" says it all cuz it's so HEAVY...but I still love it~ 
This is the sleek and shiny bag I bought from Apple for my MacBook...I can't believe I have to buy it cuz usually laptop bags are given for free...
My First ever MACBOOK=D...I love it so damn much
This is the exclusive box for the MacBook...It's super cool on the outside & inside.hehe
Goodbye VAIO...yes I have to let my vaio go..huh...cuz I made a deal with my he's using it now...I'm gonna miss it=')

Vendaeric @ 10:30 PM

Sylar's Attack

I feel frustrated but relieved after the fatal escape from Sylar. This happened at school during the "Sports Olympics" event. I was at the toilet doing my business and was about to wash my hands. Suddenly the toilet doors began to shut by itself with loud "SMACKS".
I began to panic when I thought to myself that it's impossible for the wind to do that. Then I saw death. Sylar was standing right behind me. I was right in front of the of the mirror and he gave a deadly smile and I felt my heart stop.

Within seconds, He broke all of the mirrors.I tried to run but he telekinetically threw all the sharp pieces of mirror at me which tore through the edges of my shirt and the pain spread when I found out some of the long pieces pierced through one of my legs and hands.

 He pointed his finger on my forehead and the dying pain rushed throughout my body. Thank god we were in the toilet, I forced every bit of strength to summon the water flowing within the pipes in the toilet and I could sense the urging blast of water from underground. Sylar twitched and made a blank face. The ground started to vibrate and the ground cracked, sending gallons and gallons of water out. Sylar lost his focus and dropped me, I rose the water and froze it. Now the needle-like frozen block of ice was floating in mid-air and I was still bleeding. With all my might, I swung the frozen solid towards Sylar and it pierced his good-for-nothing-body. I knew that he has the ability to heal after his attack on Claire so I rose the rest of the water around him and froze the enclosing water. Now I have my own pop-sickle villain[Now I can eat u Up=d..Let's see u cry in PAIN].LOL


Vendaeric @ 4:53 PM

My Key-Chain Colleczion..

This is something that I didn't purposely do,honestly guys. It just happened...ok straight to the point....All of the these keychains were given to me by random people including my friends, teachers etc. Below is the new addition to my keychain colleczion.hehe

Above: Now this keychain is for someone xtra special. That "someone" might just be a new friend perhaps...Xtra Special doesn't always mean someone I wanna hook up with...That'd just be plain weird and stupid...and obviously the keychain has "friends" on it... 
Above:I got this one from a box of Hershey's Chocolates  & it's from Thailand~ 
Above:A keychain given to me by Zyah after her trip to London...A BIG K from a BIG friend...LOL
Above:My friend Nabilah gave me this after her flight To London and this came from "The Dungeon"...This Keychain I Like=) cuz it's totally awesome~
Above: A super cool BMW keychain given to me by my beloved Mom=)

ABOVE: A keychain that almost everybody own.hehe..Now this is the only keychain that I bought...I love my birthday date...It's just plain awesome=) and Aquarius Rule!

Above: This was given to me by Trisya after her Parents flight to KL...This one's the cutest cuz it has a pink penguin in it=)
Above: A knitted K...It's so cool~ I got this from Teacher Izyan...My past Chemistry Teacher...Everybody In class got one too...
This is the other half of the Xtra Special Keychain=) & it's mine to keep.hehe

Vendaeric @ 4:38 PM

Yun-ho What??!

The "Mun Namanya That's The Fact" Franchise is closing down cuz there's a new bomb in town..It's called "Yun-ho What??!"...I got inspired by my friend Nabilah who really loves Yunho from a Korean group called TVXQ / DBSK...If u were wondering how he[Yunho] looks like..I have a pict of him below..I bet bilah'll go nuts when she sees this post...haha
Ok, Let's get started..."Yun-Ho What??!" There's going to be "Bring It On" 5!..Yes the Cheerleading Hit Movie Saga's gonna have another heart-pounding movie starring ...
Christina Milan &
Nikki SooHoo
Can't Wait=)


Vendaeric @ 9:28 AM

Friday, November 14, 2008
Swimming Towards Heaven

Tonight, I've found out that my guppy died='(
I have to admit that I'm bad luck towards pets cuz they all end up dead but I just love to keep 'em...I've had...Birds,Turtles,Rabbits and Fishes as pets and they all went to Heaven=') because of me..ehehe....but I didn't kill them..obviously...
you've got to be cruel to kill animals cuz they're also creatures like us...
Out of all the pets i've had..I think rabbits and fighting fishes are two of my favourite types of pet...haha


Vendaeric @ 4:13 AM